Re-Building Communities: Pathbreaking new CWS paper on resettlement published

We are pleased to share with you an exciting new international scientific publication lead authored by CWS Chief Conservation Scientist, Dr. Krithi K. Karanth, and co-authored by Shivangi Jain also from CWS.

The paper titled “Re-building Communities: Voluntary Resettlement From Protected Areas in India” was published in the premier international journal Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. The published paper can be accessed online at

The scientists evaluated government led voluntary resettlement initiatives in four protected areas across India – Tadoba, Kawal, Nagarahole, and Wayanad – to understand what influences people’s decisions to relocate and the processes implemented by different state governments and agencies. Post resettlement monitoring of people and communities was identified as an important next step along with exploration of how people can diversify their income opportunities and skills.

The paper showed that across PAs, multiple cultural, socio-economic, and political forces influence people’s decisions and concluded that well planned resettlements with post-relocation support could improve people’s lives and support wildlife recovery at the same time.

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