The Bedrock of conservation

We believe that scientific knowledge is the foundation of effective conservation interventions and robust policies. For almost thirty five years, CWS scientists have focused on wildlife ecology and conservation research. Under the leadership of Dr. K. Ullas Karanth, our tiger research originated in Nagarahole (and grew to several parks across India). Till date, this remains the world’s longest running project on big cats in the world, with over 800 individual tigers identified. Our research rapidly expanded from tigers to leopards, elephants, dholes, small carnivores, ungulates and more recently extended to amphibians, birds, butterflies and trees. Read more about our research by clicking the button below.

In the last two decades, we have also focused on major challenges and opportunities associated with the human dimensions of conservation. This includes understanding and examining human-wildlife conflicts,  resource extraction, hunting, voluntary resettlement, wildlife tourism, landscape connectivity and land use change. Our 280 scientific publications stand testament to the body of knowledge that forms the basis of our conservation interventions and policy solutions. Read more about our Publications by clicking the button below.